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Welcome to my blog! Chez Héléna is a Finnish blog written by me, Helena Liikanen-Renger, a South of France -based Finn in her late 30’s.

It all started in 2013, when our family moved from Los Angeles to Antibes, a beautiful, historical town on the French Riviera. My husband being French, I soon started to explore my new home country with great eagerness. I thought that all the new experiences were worth sharing.

In Chez Héléna I write about the French lifestyle, travelling, the cultural differences and family life outside of Finland.

Chez Hélena is part of Suomen Blogimedia, a collective of independent Finnish bloggers. Suomen Blogimedia represents Finland’s most popular, most followed bloggers.

Chez Héléna has collaborated with a variety of companies. All of the collaboration posts you can find by clicking on tag #sisältöyhteistyö .

The book

Chez Héléna was also an inspiration to my first book, Maman finlandaise, poskisuukkoja ja perhe-elämää Etelä-Ranskassa (Maman finlandaise, kisses and family life in South of France), which was published in Finland in August 2016. It tells a story of a Finnish woman and mother settling in France with her family. The third edition of the book (paperpack) will come out in March/April 2017.

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Media coverage

Maman finlandaise and the blog have  been extensively featured in Finnish media.


Meidän Perhe 7/2016 : Helena Liikanen-Renger: Lapset eivät ole Ranskassa elämän keskipiste

Kotivinkki 28.4.2016: Jokainen viikonloppu on lomaa

Ilta-Sanomat 27.8.2016 : Helena Liikanen-Renger: Lantionpohjajumppa on tavallista, pitkä imetys ei

Iltalehti 4.9.2016: Helena toteutti unelmansa ja muutti perheineen Rivieralle – sitten iski kulttuurisokki

Sunnuntaisuomalainen 9.9.2016: Ranskassa jo kymmenviikkoiset vauvat viedään hoitoon

Eeva October/2016


Radio and television:

Huomenta Suomi 18.8.2016

Radio Nova 18.8.2016: Ranskassa asuva Liikanen-Renger: “Suomalaiset tarvitsevat tiettyä kärsimystä nauttiakseen elämästä”

Yle Puhe 26.8.2016: Maailmankansalaisia: Paljonko poskisuukkoja on Ranskassa riittävästi?


Social Media

Chez Héléna has a Facebook page with over 2100 followers and an Instagram account with over 1200 followers.


In the autumn of 2016 I started a podcast with Lilli Kääriäinen. Our podcast, Café au lait – Kahvihetkiä maailmalla (Café au lait – coffee moments abroad), talks about the Finnish life abroad. In every episode we interview a Finnish person on one chosen topic: relationships, work life, settling in,  even fear.



In December 2016 I also started writing a column to the biggest daily newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat. New column is published every second week. In my texts I talk about the life of a Finnish expat in France and elsewhere.


For more information and details, please contact chezhele(at) .